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Being a host family with EOB is a unique and rewarding experience for all members of the family. It will prove to be both fun and educational. furthermore it could lead to opportunities to create longlasting relationships. Our host families enjoy the chance to meet new international friends,

and appreciate a great way of sharing and learning differences in languages and cultures.

English on board is looking for host families here, in Wallasey. Join our host families today and offer our students a profound experience that can change their view of the world – and might change yours too.

As a host family you become a vital part of our students’ time abroad and their experiences. Our host families become the student’s home away from home. By becoming one of our host families you give our students a chance to experience maximum cultural immersion by living as locals –

with locals. As a host family you give them the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into your local culture, pick up expressions with much greater ease and return home with a more authentic accent.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, please contact our Homestay Coordinators, Katrina and Teresa on 0151 630 2591 or 07878782366. Alternatively email and we will provide you with our guidelines for host families, or any information (payment, students programme, etc.) which might be helpful to you.